Ride with Us

GM Taxi Pay has a full range of vehicles available to cater to your specific needs. Whether it’s a maxi taxi to take the whole gang for a night out, a Luxury or London Taxi for when you’re feeling fancy or just a good old-fashioned taxi to get you where you need to go, stat. Whichever vehicle you prefer, we’ve got it on standby, ready to be outside your door in minutes. And the best bit? Because we’re a brand-new company, all our cars are brand new too, so you get to luxuriate in that new car smell every time you ride with us.

Standard Taxis

Our standard white taxis are brand new hybrid cars that are available in three sizes; regular sedan, station wagon or maxi taxi, depending on your needs. We chose to invest in hybrid cars because we are passionate about the health of our planet and we believe we have a responsibility to choose cars that have less of an impact on the environment. But our standard taxis aren’t just eco-friendly – they’re also convenient, with plenty of space for any luggage you need to bring along.

Luxury Taxis

Who doesn’t like to travel in style?

Our luxury taxis are just that little bit fancier than our standard white taxis, bringing a touch of luxury into your journey. Just like our standard white taxis, our luxury taxis are all hybrid cars and come in a choice of regular sedan, station wagon or maxi taxi.

Maxi Cab

Travelling with the whole gang? Whether it’s a wild night out with mates or an epic family holiday, our Maxi Cabs have got you covered. Our Maxi Cabs can seat up to 11 passengers and come in both standard white and silver luxury.

Also our Maxi Cabs are wheelchair Accessible Taxis. Book our WAT taxi for a smooth and comfortable ride. Just make sure you ask for a WAT Taxi when you make your booking.

London Taxi

Feeling fancy? We’ve got just the thing. We’ve partnered with London Taxis so you can ride in style. London Taxis are purpose built and brand-new vehicles from Coventry, England and when you ride in one of these taxis, you’ll experience a premium service like no other.