GM Taxi Pay taxis accept cash all major credit and debit cards, Alipay, and Rydo.

Below are the maximum unbooked service fares as at 17 October 2019.

Flag Fall $3.60
Distance rate $2.19 per kilometre
Booking fee $2.40
Waiting time 94.4c per minute while vehicle speed is less than 26 km/h
Tolls All road, bridge, ferry, tunnel and airport tolls that apply to the journey.
Maxi-cabs (seating for 5 or more adults, in addition to the driver) Except in the case of a multiple hiring, up to 150% of the maximum fares and charges (excluding tolls) may be charged if:
  • The maxi-cab is pre-booked, regardless of the number of passengers
  • The maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, if there are 5 or more passengers
    No more than the maximum fare, if a maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, by up to 4 passengers, or pre-booked for a person using a wheelchair (unless they request a taxi with seating for more than 4 passengers)
Multiple Hirings 75% of the maximum fare per passenger, for a multiple hiring:
  • Agreed to with the consent of the driver and all hirers
All hirers commence journey at the same time and travel to destinations in same general direction
Sharing a taxi 100% of the maximum fare paid by the hirer – even if the hirer requires the driver to permit other passengers to share the taxi or to drive to other destinations before driving to the hirer’s destination.